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Terms & Conditions

You can use this website to reserve a PRIVATE HIRE VEHICLE or TAXI (CAB). You must agree to the terms listed below as the only basis for such booking and must check the “I agree to Oxenholme Taxi’s Terms & Conditions” box. If You do not accept any of the terms, do not use this website to book a PRIVATE HIRE VEHICLE or TAXI (CAB).

  1. Oxenholme Taxis will not transport or deliver any of the following items:
  2. money or securities, antiquities, rare metals, furs, or jewellery or value, any goods or property (of whatever form) with an inherent value of more than £50.
  3. any products or property of a harmful, dangerous, inflammable, explosive, or poisonous nature, or that are prohibited to possess under existing English Law, and/or
  4. any goods or property (of whatever type) that may degrade in transit.
  5. We shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or breakage of fragile objects caused by the acts, omissions, or carelessness of Oxenholme Taxis and/or its employees and/or agents.
  6.  We will not be held liable for death or personal injury caused by an accident.
  7. You have the option to cancel a Booking made via the Website.
  8.  If You wish to cancel a Booking, you must tell Oxenholme Taxis by sending a cancellation request through the form on the Contact Us page, citing the booking reference, in accordance with the Website’s instructions.
  9. If paying by Card, Oxenholme Taxis will be unable to execute Your Booking if Your Card payment is declined by Your Card issuer for any reason.
  10. Oxenholme Taxis will give You a receipt for Payment to the email address you registered with the booking.
  11. Payment does not include any additional requirements you demand, such as child seats. If you do not identify any more luggage when booking, resulting in a larger vehicle being necessary, Oxenholme Taxis may charge you an additional fee, which you must pay directly to them. If you want to tip the cab driver, you should do it personally and at your discretion.
  12.  If You deviate from the route that You put into the Website, You may be liable to additional costs by Oxenholme Taxis, and You will make such payment directly to Oxenholme Taxis.
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